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Waste cans as part of Halton's recycling policy

Halton Tennis Centre is doing important work on environmental and social sustainability, investing heavily in recent years. Staying healthy and having fun: the perfect match.

John Walker, Chairman

Sustainable development

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To suggest possible areas or activities that could benefit from sustainable development contact

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In January 2012, Halton committed to a future of Sustainable Development. What this means in reality is very simple – when we make any plans or decisions, either day to day or through strategic planning, we consider the impact on our environment.

Our first important step is to audit our existing set up under 7 key areas:

  • Waste
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Building (new & refurbishments)
  • Energy
  • Education for all our staff and members
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Our aim is to change the culture at Halton by developing an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, so that everyone thinks about it in everyday activities. We welcome any suggestions or comments to help us push this important initiative forward.

To help us we have engaged an expert, Steve West, to guide us through best practice and get us going.