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Health MOT and nutrition advice from Halton fitness professionals

The comprehensive report and written advice is exceptional value and provides the guidance you would normally associate with expert health screening organisations.

Robin Garside, Gym member

Health check

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Health Check Challenge 2016

From April through to August 2016, two teams will be fighting it out to win the Halton UK Health Check Challenge 2016, and to get everyone #HealthierwithHalton
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Halton Health and Fitness Club offer three different levels of health check. All highlight your strengths and areas to improve, can be used to monitor your progress and come with your bespoke written feedback report. To help you decide which health check is best for you, take a look at the offerings table for a comparison between the three.

Click on a health check below for a more detailed description of what is involved in each:

Superb gym equipment at Halton

The service is delivered by Gemma Elliott-Wetton (MSc, ASCC). Gemma has a first class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters degree with distinction in Exercise Physiology and is a current member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. These provide her with the high level of skill and detailed knowledge required to deliver this comprehensive health check service.

Welcome to the team Paul

Paul Mackie has joined the team to further develop and deliver health checks. Paul has a passion and enthusiasm for sport and its role in helping improve health.  He holds a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and on the verge of completing a MSc by Research in Exercise and Health at the University of Bedfordshire. He is keen to apply what his degrees have taught him to help improve the health of others. He has competed at County level for cricket and National level for swimming, and continues in swimming as a head coach to a masters group.

Superb gym equipment at Halton

The health check is suitable for all ages and abilities to obtain an overall view of your health and fitness. The health check can also help you get the most out of your gym programme and improve your tennis.

Following your health check, you will be provided with a written feedback report. The written feedback report outlines each assessment, details and interprets your score and explains this in detail to you.  The report is clear and concise, using colour and diagrams to help make it easy to understand. Following this, you are able to contact Gemma with any questions you might have. Additional services are available to support you following your health check, including: personal training, physiotherapy, Pilates, sports massage and acupuncture.

Superb gym equipment at Halton

New health checks

We are excited to now offer two new health checks:

  • Healthy Heart Check (link to attached poster)
  • Mini Health Check. The Mini Health Check was designed for those undertaking the Halton Health Check Challenge. "Getting a health check is pretty daunting to most people... 'The truth hurts' and all that! But once you get your head round it and see it as a mode of motivation to improve yourself - it's actually ok. You may actually be pleasantly surprised by some of the data collected! The realisation of the areas you need help in - be it weight-loss, fitness, nutrition etc, is an eye-opener & you may feel overwhelmed but Gemma can work with you to offer fantastic, in-depth advice & support you need to achieve your goals" Jo Euston-Moore, Halton Health Check Challenge participant and tennis member.
  • Golf Specific Health Check. If you want to stay fit, healthy and decrease your risk of injury so you can enjoy and improve your golf, then the golf health check is for you. In recent years golfers of any standard have realised the importance of health and fitness to their golf performance. Recently Rory McIlroy has been championing the importance of taking care of your health and fitness:

    "It was really in middle of 2010/end of 2010 where I realised that this (back problem) isn't going to get any better unless I start taking care of myself better, so getting in the gym and eating better. I think from the start of 2011 the direct correlation between leading a healthier lifestyle and my performance on the course was clear. I won my first major in 2011, I got the best world ranking I have ever been in 2011 and it just continued from there. So I definitely feel the more I got into exercise and fitness and everything, the better my game become." Rory McIlroy 18/2/16, Sky sports News

    The golf health check is a great place to start!

Coming soon

We will soon be launching sport specific health checks for tennis, golf, swimming and cycling. Watch this space!