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Dom King giving Performance Training to a young tennis player at Halton

Dom and his team's invaluable support are a major reason why my daughters have gone from strength to strength with their tennis. His attention to detail is incredible.

Louise Hutchinson


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Helen Mulhall is our qualified Biomechanics Coach and can help you improve your movement during exercise and throughout your day to avoid potential pain or imbalance in your body.
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Providing specialist support for performance tennis has always been at the heart of what we do at Halton; with over 10 years "hands on" experience working with young players, we have developed a world class level of expertise and conitune to learn and develop our knowledge on a daily basis.

The dual goals of Performance Training are injury reduction and improved performance. Both Dom (Head of Athlete Development) and Gemma (Strength & Conditioning Coach) are Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coaches with the UK Strength & Conditioning Association and use scientifically-based principles to develop robust, high performing athletes. As well as the physical aspect, the mental and emotional aspects of Performance Training are also developed through the use of structured mental skills training by using tools such as sports NLP and Heartmath Training. In short, we can help you develop as a complete athlete in your chosen sport.

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Gemma Performance Training

Client comments

"Physical Training at Everyball Academy has really helped me train harder on court and also made me feel so much stronger in matches. The training covers a wide variety of activities so I feel more of a complete athlete. Dom and Gemma are really encouraging and supportive and the overall atmosphere of the sessions is upbeat and positive."
Holly Hutchinson, 15

"Performance Training has helped and developed me in many ways. I feel more athletic and agile when moving on court, not only physically but mentally. I have learnt that it is possible to accomplish your dreams if you work hard at it. Dom and Gemma push me extremely hard in sessions but still make it unbelievably fun."
Lauren Armstrong, 12

"Halton tennis academy is a great place to train for all age groups. There is a very friendly atmosphere alongside the highly professional attitude making it not just a hard working environment but a fun place to be both for tennis and strength and conditioning. Should anyone injure themselves there is also a team of Physiotherapists with the back up of massage therapies to get you back in the swing of things."
Jane Harris

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