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Disabled tennis player on court

The ladies are absolutely loving this session and we have seen their confidence and self-esteem soar.

Helen Krauze, Nclude UK

Everyball Enabled

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You can help our work with children and adults with disabilities - our existing programme requires £10,000 a year to run, and you can help us continue

Everyball Enabled is a very well established provider of disability tennis programmes for children and adults alike, with over 15 years experience. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. Our aim is to motivate, inspire and enable people of all abilities, through the power of tennis and sport, to achieve the best they can whilst making friends and having lots of fun along the way!

Some examples of our Everyball Enabled programme:

Down's Syndrome (DS Active) – (5 to 18 years, Saturday 1-2pm indoor)

Our hugely popular DSA session runs at a ratio of nearly 1:1 (player:helper) by using our brilliant junior helpers alongside our coaches. We play lots of fun tennis and ball games, to help develop agility, balance and co‐ordination skills. We're always running, throwing, jumping, hitting and laughing throughout the whole session!

Visually impaired - (12-1pm on Wednesdays indoor)

We have a thriving session for those who have a visual impairment. Our indoor session using soundballs is fantastic fun and all are welcome.


Everyball Enabled regularly reaches out beyond Halton, we curently run a project for students with SEND in 6 local schools.

Inclusive Tennis Festivals

Working alongside South Bucks School Sports Partnership, we provide Festival sessions throughout the year. At each festival we welcome up to 75 children with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities) for a fun packed introduction to tennis.


Each week Everyball Enabled work with more than 50 children and adults with disabilities. Our existing programme requires £10,000 a year to run, we are hugely grateful to our funding partners which include the National Lottery, The LTA and Northampton Community Foundation.


Halton Tennis Centre's facilities are accessible to wheelchair users. Our indoor and outdoor courts are accessible, and access to the Pavilion Café and Bar is via a ramp (accessible toilets and showers are in the fitness centre).


"The girls loved your sessions, energy and enthusiasum. It was an all win situation, as we all learnt so much, and cannot thank you enough for committing your time to our School." - Denise Knibbs, Alfriston School

“The ladies are absolutely loving this session and we have seen their confidence and self-esteem soar” - Helen Krauze, Nclude UK

“The children had a great time and really developed their confidence and coordination skills over the four weeks, doing lots of fun activities.It was lovely to see them enjoy themselves so much.” - Emma Tattersall, Stoke Mandeville Combined School

“The way our clients were willing to join in with the tennis games that where being shown, it was all very new to them and we were impressed with everyone concerned, they were joining in like we had never seen before.” - Daniel Rogers, Chesham Opportunities Centre